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“The world is what you think it is.”

Are You Ready to Explore the Depths of the Universe?
If so, a guided shamanic meditation may be right for you. Where would you like to go? What answers or insight do you seek?

Guided Shamanic Meditations
Using sensory techniques that engage our entire being—sound, sight, smell, touch—a guided shamanic meditation carries us to other worlds. There, we can discover everything from the nature of the universe to our true feelings about a personal situation. I lead meditations for individuals or groups, and can customize the meditations to help facilitate your connection with the wisdom you seek. Although guided shamanic meditations do include certain common elements, shamanism provides great flexibility and freedom.

Shamans use many tools to unlock the subconscious, to reveal the truths that often lie just beyond the reach of our waking minds. These tools may include drumming, casting stones, pendulums and dream interpretation, all enabling us to change our perspectives and see things in a new, more helpful way. Contact me with questions or for a free initial consultation.

What Is Shamanism?
In a modern context, shamanism is not a religion. It is a practice, a way of being in the universe. Shamanism offers a perspective inspired by sources both ancient and modern that helps us understand the harmony of mind, body and spirit. Through this practice, we honor the spiritual reality of the physical world. The word “shaman” is Siberian in origin but has today evolved beyond its tribal beginnings. Learn more here.

Traditional vs. Modern
Traditional or indigenous shamans still exist, men and women who provide healing, wisdom and spiritual guidance for their tribe, drawing on techniques handed down through the ages. As a modern shaman, my intent is the same, yet I use a cross-cultural and contemporary approach that reflects my interfaith ministry. While I am not and do not claim to be a native or indigenous shaman, I believe the path of a shaman is open to all. My approach respectfully blends the wisdom and techniques of diverse cultures into a practice that is rooted in the common experience of all humanity.

My Fees
Fees for meditations and other shamanic work are based on the time commitment needed, required research and the complexity of the preparations. Contact me for a free consultation.


Rev. Wes Isley, Interfaith Minister
Email: wes.isley@gmail.com
Greensboro, North Carolina
Serving the Piedmont Triad area including Winston-Salem, High Point, and Burlington