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“Any serious attempt to try to do something worthwhile is ritualistic.” –Derek Walcott

Want a ceremony or ritual to dedicate and bless your new home or the land you love? What about a special service of welcome for your newborn that pulls from many faith traditions? Perhaps you wish to honor your loyal and loving animal companion? I can work with you to create a meaningful blessing ceremony that beautifully conveys your wishes for a child, pet, or your home or land.

Memorials & Funerals
The passing of a life into the next stage is just as important as a wedding or a birth. Death can be difficult for those who remain, yet I pledge to help you and your family create a service that celebrates the life of your loved one in a manner that reflects his/her personality and beliefs and one that honors his/her individual spiritual path. Services can be either simple or elaborate, yet all convey beauty and love.

My Fees
Fees vary based upon your individual needs and desire as well as the complexity of your ceremony. Contact me today with your wishes and we can discuss rates in more detail.

The Value of Ritual
All spiritual traditions use ritual to engage the senses, to alert the participant that something sacred is about to occur. When we smell incense, hear a bell ring, light a candle and watch the flame flicker, our physical body is providing our emotions, our minds and our spirits with an opportunity to manage change in our lives.

Ritual can be celebratory or meditative, simple or elaborate. It is a method for manifesting what is often difficult to express with words, and it can add new and deeper depths to every life experience. Sharing rituals with family and friends creates stronger bonds of community and support that often last long after the ritual has ended.

House Blessings & Other Services

Ollie’s Bakery Blessing, Greensboro, NC, August 2011
From Nancy Revzen: I’m excited to see what will happen here. We have wonderful people on staff and new seating. Thank you for your thoughtful blessing.

Baker House & Land Blessings, Greensboro & Roper, NC
February & March 2011 (selling one home and moving into another)
From Gail Baker: I had a showing this morning after two months of nothing.
Coincidence? I don’t think so! I really loved my multicultural blessing.

Stokes Townhome Blessing, Wilmington, NC, June 2010
From Sybil Stokes: I loved that the blessing was written specifically for me and what was important in my life. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Lemons Graduation/Wish Ceremony, Winston-Salem, NC, July 2010
From Linzy Lemons: I recently graduated from Parkland Magnet High School, and the Wish Ceremony was a very interesting and spiritual experience. Loved the fire ritual!

May/Hocutt Family House & Land Blessing,
Stokes County, NC, December 2009
From Elaine Hocutt: Wes took a diverse group and reached all members in a different spiritual way. It was deep and light-hearted at the same time. Fantastic—and a lot of fun!

Huffine House Blessing, Greensboro, NC, November 2009
From Betsy Huffine: The house blessing and prayers were so eloquent
that I was moved to tears.

Conrad House & Land Blessing in Elkin, NC, July 2009
From Judy Conrad: Having my home blessed reminded me of how much I need ritual in my life, and it was especially moving because
I knew it had been created just for me.

Sample Ritual Altars

Beltane/May Day



Imbolc/St. Brigid’s Day

Rev. Wes Isley, Interfaith Minister
Email: wes.isley@gmail.com
Greensboro, North Carolina
Serving the Piedmont Triad area including Winston-Salem, High Point, and Burlington